Batteries and Battery Accessories in Murphysboro, IL

Along with our reliable selection of battery chargers, PLP Battery Supply in Murphysboro, IL, offers batteries and battery accessories for a wide range of applications. Most of these can be shipped via UPS or FedEx right to your door! If the battery you need can be safely shipped, we have you covered! 

Whether you are looking for everyday alkalines, or rechargeable NiCd or NiMH batteries for around the house, or need something a little bigger for your motorcycle or mobility chair or scooter, our knowledgeable crew can assist in providing  you with the right battery for your situation.

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Shipping Batteries

Most batteries must be shipped on the ground, which can be accommodated to the lower 48 states. We are able to ship anywhere, but higher shipping rates apply for shipping outside of this specified area.

Battery Accessories

Are your old battery cables corroded, frayed, or broken? You may have a great battery, but if your cables don't deliver the power - you still have a problem, Sparky! We have hundreds of cables in stock, and the capability to custom-build any cable to order. We use the highest quality solid copper terminals and lugs from QuickCable, and offer a choice of either battery or welding cable. If you have an ongoing need for custom cables, we stock all of the terminals, cutting and crimping tools, cable, and heat-shrink that you need to make your own.
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Need other battery-related products for that special, or just routine project? Switches? Isolators? Inverters? Jump Packs? Booster cables? Terminal Cleaners? Battery Lifters? Anti-corrosion products? DC Lead sets? Industrial connectors? Charger parts? Yeah, we've got that.

Featured Product - U-1 Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Make your scooter or motorized wheelchair really move with this brand new product! For more information or to purchase this battery, visit our online store.

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