Supplying Battery Charger Repair Parts in Murphysboro, IL 

At PLP Battery Supply, we want to give our customers everything they could possibly need to make the most of their batteries. In addition to batteries and custom battery packs, we offer a wide variety of parts and testing equipment. With our supplies, you can ensure that your batteries always have the power they need to meet your expectations. 

If you’re looking for battery charger repair parts in Murphysboro, IL, look no further than our store. We carry the latest parts and accessories for the industry’s top charger brands. In our inventory, you’ll find high-quality options for: 

• Amp Meters • Volt Meters • Rectifiers • Switches

Get accurate readings and avoid replacing potentially expensive charging equipment. Our parts are ideal for those who frequently work with chargers and need to maximize both efficiency and savings. Whether you run an auto repair shop, keep a charger around for your electric wheelchair in case of emergencies, or work on your car in your spare time, we have you covered. 

Trust Our Refurbished Battery Testing Equipment

 Maybe your battery is fine, but it’s possible the cables have an issue. Or, perhaps the cables are in excellent condition, but your battery is shot. You don’t know because you don’t have the right equipment to test anything. Don’t worry; we have what you need for that, too. 

At our shop, we provide refurbished testing equipment that gives you a reliable way to measure your battery’s performance. Our team works tirelessly to ensure top quality for every piece of equipment we rebuild, giving you the best results at the right price for your budget. 

As an added benefit, our refurbished battery testing equipment keeps usable parts out of landfills, making it the best option for environmentally conscious consumers. Our company’s passion is delivering optimal resources for our customers while reducing waste in our industry.

 Discover Accurate Ammeters 

Among our testing equipment, we offer an impressive selection of ammeters to help you measure current and ensure that you’re getting sufficient output from your battery charger. Our shop only sells carefully calibrated ammeters that give consistently reliable readings. 

We offer products that measure DC Amperes in ranges that start at 0-8 and go as high as 0-200. With our panel-mount ammeters, you can get the current information you need without a hassle. All of our meters are made in the United States and have the experience and reputation of our expert team behind them.  

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 Contact us now to get everything you need to keep your batteries in working order. We are based in Murphysboro, IL, and proudly serve Southern IL, as well as the surrounding areas. We also offer battery and part sales nationwide.