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Versatile Battery Distribution Specialists in Murphysboro, IL

In today's modern world, batteries are all around us, and there are a lot more of them than the AAs, Cs, Ds, and similar small packs you see in stores. Whatever your lifestyle, profession, or hobby, you undoubtedly need batteries, chargers, and the components that keep them performing their best. With over 35 years of know-how, we invite you to put the experience of our battery distribution specialists in Murphysboro, IL, to work for you. We’re open six days a week, with nationwide service to help you get your power back. 

Even if you just need a new battery for your watch or flashlight, our battery company has exactly what you need. Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll offer you the best solution for your battery or charger problem—even if that means referring you to another supplier.

Battery Charger, Battery Company in Murphysboro, IL

Battery, Battery Distribution Company in Murphysboro, IL

Custom Battery Packs Made Just for You

Sometimes, relying on the premade options offered by major battery brands just doesn’t do the job. Our business specializes in rebuilding custom battery packs, rechargeable tool packs, and much more. You can even make your own by using our stock of terminals, heat-shrink, cable, and cutting and crimping tools. Feel free to call us for help; we can assist with simple repairs over the phone and ship the parts you need.

A broad range of batteries and accessories can be shipped to your door via UPS or FedEx to help keep your life moving forward. Regardless of where you are, our battery distribution specialists are only a phone call away. Stop by or shop online for all your battery requirements with PLP Battery Supply.


Providing the Chargers for All of Your Batteries

With the help of our battery charger specialists, we can help you find the right model to meet your needs. As one of the largest distribution and repair companies in the nation, rest assured that you receive the service you deserve every time. Most of our chargers are made in the USA, and we offer volume discounts for larger quantity purchasing to save you money. Ask us about wholesale pricing and freight-free shipping options for your order. 

In addition to being a battery repair and distribution company, we’re also an Authorized Warranty Center for every brand we sell. That means you can always come to us if there’s a problem with your product, and we’ll make it right. We stock major brands of new and refurbished chargers. The latter has a 1-year warranty for malfunctions or material/workmanship defects and are 50% off the typical retail price. We repair, inspect, and operationally test each to ensure that it performs like new--you aren’t sacrificing quality when you buy a refurbished item from us.

Contact us to find the battery, charger, or accessory you need. We’re located in Murphysboro, IL, but our service extends across the country.

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